MEMO Keynote

Title: Operational semantics and a meta compiler.

Speaker: Jan Friso Groote, Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Mathematics and

Computer Science

A presentation of the history of operational semantics is given focussing on
the development of early formats, such as the DeSimone, tyft-tyxt and BIM formats.
The relation with testing scenario's will be addressed.
It will be indicated how in the early days operational semantics has been used to
systematically build simulator frameworks for formal languages. Unfortunately, this approach
has an intrinsic performance problem which makes them unusable when hundreds of
millions of states must be evaluated. As it stands there is a need for meta compilers that
given a language with an operational semantics provides a high performance tool that allows to execute
concrete specifications and generate their state spaces. This very much fits in the current
developments around Model Driven Software Engineering.